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Powering the Transition to Net Zero

Two global transitions are necessary to achieve net zero: a clean energy transition and a transformation of businesses across the economy.

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The transition to net zero—a target of completely eliminating additional greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—will require an investment of over $100 trillion over the next three decades. Over 125 countries now have net-zero emissions commitments—including China, the European Union, and Japan—and the Biden administration is committed to building a clean energy economy in the U.S. by 2035. As public expectations for climate action grow and climate policies become more concrete, major companies are committing to net-zero targets. They will be under increasing pressure to develop science-based transition plans. Investors will increasingly be expected to manage climate risks and realize the enormous opportunities from the transition, which will involve virtually every sector of the economy.  

Driving the transition to net zero will require both significant capital and deep operational/development expertise. Those with extensive operating experience and knowledge of renewable power, infrastructure, and business transformation are well-positioned to help companies become more competitive in a zero-carbon world.